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   "The Notables Band have played at several BILD conferences in the past. I invited them to perform at my 50th Birthday Party at The Paramount Hotel in Oxford as I have always been impressed by the way they work. The band was thoroughly entertaining, very professional and I think everyone present that night learned something valuable. The teamwork, relationships and support on show was a lesson to us all."

Keith Smith (Cheif Executive BILD) 7 May 2007



   "I love the music session at our centre. I love to sing & show off my dancing"

Matthew West (Ellys Extra Care Day Care Centre) May 2008



    "The music session is the highlight of the week for the whole centre including the staff. Jonathan and Gary have a great laugh and get a chance to express themselves."

Roxanne Rogers with Jonathan Lawrie & Gary Glasgow. Non Verbal PMLD Service users Bridgeway Centre Bedworth November 2007



   "I love travelling around with the band. We went to Hereford, Yorkshire, Birmingham, Stratford and Wales, meeting new people, playing gigs and dancing with girls"

Gerald Friel performing with The Notables Band at The Tuns Mind Over Matter Benefit Summer 2008



    "My favourite activity of the week is music."

Mahesh Patel (Bridgeway Centre) with Lauren Foster (Notables Foundation) May 2008



    "I look forward to band practise every Wednesday night. I like all the people that come & help me sing."

Jaqueline Pickering performing with the Notables Band in Coventry City Centre Christmas 2006



    "I'm glad to think I belong to a band like the Notables. We've done some really marvellous gigs and I've made some really good friends in the band. We all work very hard and keep each other busy learning to sing new songs and to play different kinds of instruments."

Lewis Jones October 2008



    "I think that The Notables have given me a lot of confidence.

They have given me a really great opportunity to mix with other people.

It's been a real pleasure being with The Notables rock band."

Colette Rogers (second right) performing at Coventry AT7 Centre December 2009



    "The moment I joined the Notables Band I loved it, the band gives me a chance to make new friends and I already have friends in the band.

I love singing and it builds my confidence up, I look forward to practice every Wednesday and when there is gigs I look forward them too as I love performing in front of an audience.

The band is my life now and they make me so happy and look forward to future things."

Lynne Cooper (Pictured with Lawrence Wilburn) September 2010



    "I've known these guys for about 10 years.

Playing and performing with the band helps my confidence. It has helped me to make new friends including my girlfriend.

I really enjoy travelling with the band and playing to new audiences and breaking down their misconceptions and stereotyping of people with learning disabilities. I particularly enjoyed staying up until 5am jamming at a hotel in Manchester when we played there last year."

Lee Pritchard October 2010



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