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                                              Hope & Anchor 3rd May 2008 'The Sid Norris Experience'   Photos by Paul Villers


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  Leamington Peace Festival 15th June 2008   Photos by Helen Fountain                                            















Manchester Paradigm Conference & Festival 22 January 2009   Photos by Helen Fountain






Stag & Pheasant Lockhurst Lane St Patrick's Night 17 March 2010   Photos by Lynne Cooper







Positive Images Festival Coventry City Centre Saturday 12 June 2010   Photos by Helen Fountain






Leamington Peace Festival Saturday 19th June 2010   Photos by Mavis Sprung & John Cole





City College Coventry Wednesday 23rd June 2010   Photos by Helen Fountain













Castlewood School End of Term Staff Party at London Road Social Club 16 July 2010   Photos Helen Fountain













Taylor Johns 'Building Bridges' Benefit Concert Sunday 19 September 2010   Photos Helen Fountain







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